Installing an new lift or upgrading an existing one?

BY The Bellbuoy Group

Installing a new lift or upgrading an existing one?
A recent enquiry reminded me of the pitfalls associated with the installation of a new lift, or indeed a major upgrade, if same is feasible.

Many buildings have lifts installed, some are getting on in years, others require statutory upgrades to meet the ongoing health and safety requirements and building regulations.

This has become even more prominent in sectional title buildings, since the advent of the prescribed maintenance reserves and accompanying 10-year maintenance, repair, and replacement plans (MRRP).

The MRRP requires, inter alia, that the condition and lifespan of plant and equipment, including lifts, be assessed and, if required, the repair and or replacement planned, and provided for.
But where does one start?

Sure, calling in known lift companies to quote on the replacement or upgrade could be a start, but how do you know to compare apples with apples, and how do you know that the proposals meet the aforementioned requirements?

This is where lift consultancy companies come in.

We advocate the use of such lift consultants, so that such a large capital investment, with an estimated lifespan of 25 years, can be done correctly and that money is well spent.
Trustees in sectional title have a fiduciary responsibility to their members, this means that due care must be applied and since lifts carry persons and are subject to an array of health and safety regulations, trustees would be well advised to seek professional advice when it comes to replacement or upgrades.

Such consultancies offer the requisite services required to ensure that you purchase the correct equipment, for the right price, and that same is installed to regulatory requirements.

This would satisfy the fiduciary requirements imposed on trustees, but is also good practice for any persons, such as managing agents or property managers, when looking after the interests of their clients.  Owners / landlords too would be advised to utilise such services, as the financial and safety implications, not to mention inconvenience, of a poorly handled project, could be insurmountable.

Another important aspect of lift management is to ensure that a comprehensive maintenance agreement is in place for all existing lifts.

 April 04, 2023
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