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The Bellbuoy Group, established in 1996, has a distinguished heritage and is the largest community scheme managing agency in the Eastern Cape.

Bellbuoy’s property management division provides a comprehensive administration and management service including, but not limited to:


·        Assist our clients with statutory compliance
·        Attend meetings and take minutes
·        Attend to fines and penalties, if applied
·        Correspond with all stakeholders in the schemes we manage
·        Keep and maintain records in terms of the prevailing Acts
·        Prepare monthly levy invoices and statements
·        Prepare monthly management accounts
·        Prepare meeting packs, agendas, notices and supporting documentation
·        Strive to cut back on paper and use intelligent CRM tools and digital archiving methods


·        Assist the scheme executives in the preparation of a 10-year maintenance plan and budget, if sectional title
·        Assist in the preparation of the scheme’s annual audit
·        Attend to the banking needs of our clients
              - Administrative and maintenance reserve funds are invested in investment accounts in terms of the PPRA and STSMA
              - Current accounts are opened in terms of the PPRA and the Sectional Titles Scheme Management Act, and audited accordingly
              - Interest earned on funds accrue to the scheme on a monthly basis, at the prevailing interest rates
·        Attend to the payment of creditor invoices, monthly accounts, salaries and wages and municipal accounts
·        Keep up to date with the various local municipal charges, rebates. etc. that impact on a scheme's finances
·        Prepare monthly management accounts
·        Prepare annual budgets in conjunction with the scheme executives
·        The efficient collection of monthly levies, with a particular focus on minimizing arrears, to ensure the financial health of the scheme

·        Facilitate claims on owners’ behalf, provided the cover is placed with an intermediary with whom we have an SLA
·        Facilitate common area insurance claims
·        Keep and maintain all insurance related records
·        Obtain market related quotations for insurance
·        Place insurance with insurers at the Scheme Executive’s discretion

·        Appoint contractors to undertake works approved by the Scheme Executives
·        Assist the scheme executives with the day-to-day repairs and maintenance of the common areas
·        Log and track maintenance issues
·        Maintain a register of contractors
·        Obtain quotations

At Bellbuoy, we are committed to delivering professional and reliable community scheme property management services, and look forward to the opportunity to discuss how we can help you! 



Please take some time to view the following documents in relation to bringing your scheme or new development over to us:


Developer Guidlines

Changing Managing Agents

Company Profile

Our Online system

Sample of the Monthly Management Report 



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