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At Bellbuoy, we specialise in providing comprehensive management solutions for community schemes, including sectional title, life rights, home owners associations and property owners associations. With our expertise and dedication, we aim to enhance the living experience for residents and optimize the value of your investment. Below are the some of the services we offer:
1. Financial Management:
   - Budget Preparation: We meticulously prepare annual budgets that align with the financial goals of the scheme.
   - Levy Collection: Our team ensures timely collection of levies to maintain the financial stability of the property.
   - Financial Reporting: Transparent and detailed financial reports are provided regularly to keep all stakeholders informed.
2. Administration and Compliance:
   - Meeting Management: We organize and facilitate annual general meetings, trustee meetings, and special general meetings as required.
   - Legal Compliance: Our expert staff ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.
   - Records Maintenance: We maintain accurate records of all meetings, financial transactions, and legal documents.
3. Maintenance and Repairs:
   - Routine Maintenance: We assist scheme executives with regular maintenance tasks to uphold the property's aesthetic appeal and functionality.
   - Emergency Repairs: Swift response and coordination of emergency repairs to minimise inconvenience to residents.
   - Contractor Management: We endeavour to engage with reputable contractors and to ensure quality and efficiency.
4. Insurance:
   - Policy Procurement: We assist in selecting appropriate insurance coverage for the scheme.
   - Claims Handling: Our team manages insurance claims on the common areas promptly and efficiently, advocating for the best interests of the property.
5. Communication and Customer Service:
   - Member Liaison: We serve as a point of contact for members, addressing enquiries, concerns, and feedback promptly.
   - Online Portal: Residents have access to an online portal for convenient communication, payments, and access to relevant documents.
6. Dispute Resolution:
   - Mediation: Our experienced team assists in resolving disputes among residents or between the scheme and individual owners.
   - Legal Support: In cases requiring legal intervention, we provide guidance and support throughout the process.
8. Sustainability Initiatives:
   - Energy Efficiency: Implementation of energy-saving measures to reduce costs and environmental impact.
   - Waste Management: Introduction of recycling programs and waste reduction strategies for a greener community.
At Bellbuoy, we are committed to delivering professional and reliable community scheme property management services.


Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your property.




The Bellbuoy Group is proud to be the Managing Agent for a number of exciting Developments countrywide.

As Leaders in Property Management we pride ourselves on catering for each scheme’s individual requirements, offering various packages to suit our client’s needs. Please contact us for more information, assistance in establishing your requirements, or for a quote for the management of your scheme or new development. 

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