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The Bellbuoy Group has come a long way since its formation in 1996 by the late Greer Moore-Barnes, Garry McWilliams from Bruce McWilliams Industries and Michael White from Lexicon Attorneys. These role players established the company with the vision of providing client centred, professional service to assist and guide owners in communal housing schemes. Operating from a small office in Deal Party with one client, this vision grew to where the company is today: the largest Managing Agent in the Eastern Cape, with a proven track record of providing solutions for all our clients’ property needs.

Shannon Moore-Barnes, employed with the Bellbuoy Group since January 1998 and Chantel van Heerden, employed with the Bellbuoy Group since July 2001, are the Executive Directors (with Garry McWilliams and Michael White retaining Non-Executive Director roles). The Bellbuoy Group is a (Pty) Limited company with an established history of commitment to excellence, allowing us to confidently claim that we are Leaders in Property Management, dedicated to providing the best service to our clients on a daily basis.

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The property management division of THE BELLBUOY GROUP offers:

  • Management of all communal housing developments, such as sectional title, home owners and retirement or life right schemes
  • All aspects of the management of commercial developments
  • Assistance with the establishment and management of new developments

The other divisions within THE BELLBUOY GROUP provide:

  • Property rentals and sales

The above services are facilitated by a well-qualified team including property portfolio managers, financial and system administrators and rental and sales agents, all of whom are trained in the statutory requirements relating to the latest communal housing legislation. To maintain exceptional service levels, we require our portfolio managers to undertake comprehensive training initiatives undertaken by those
respected in our profession, which ensures that we continue to remain at the forefront of community housing management in South Africa.


This places Bellbuoy in a strong position to deal with the day to day management of any scheme or business, allowing us to maintain the high standard of professionalism we pride ourselves on.

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Bellbuoy’s operational programmes and systems are continually assessed to ensure our administrative and accounting functions keep up with technological advances and business growth. This streamlines all aspects of the business, from the provision of management accounts, the calculation of participation quotas, insurance values and levies, to assistance with drafting of maintenance plans and budgets, as well as the collection or payment of monies via electronic banking. Clients have twenty-four hour access to scheme documentation and statements reflecting their financial position when subscribing to our client portal accessed through Bellbuoy’s website ( Owing to the size of Bellbuoy’s portfolio clients enjoy the benefit of favourable rates and services from selective service providers. Bellbuoy enjoys excellent office facilities with boardrooms available for meetings.

The late Greer Moore-Barnes was a founder Member of NAMA (National Association of Managing Agents) and was appointed as a Director of this Association when, with the approval of the EAAB, it was registered as a company in July 2001. In 2015 she stepped down with Chantel van Heerden taking over her position, maintaining Bellbuoy’s close relationship with this body. Chantel was the National Chairperson of NAMA from September 2017 til November 2021. Shannon Moore-Barnes was chairperson of the Sectional Titles Association (Eastern Cape) from 2014 to 2018, ensuring Bellbuoy’s close link with community housing both locally and nationally.


The Bellbuoy Group 20th Anniversary

A look back at the places and faces, past and present.

The Bellbuoy Group - 1996 to 2016

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Greenacres, Gqerberha

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