NMBM: Water Meter By-Law

BY Shannon Moore-Barnes

We can now confirm that after communicating with various members of the municipality we have obtained the following information from Mr Joseph Tsatsire the Director of Water and Sanitation at the NMBM regarding the installation of individual water meters at community housing schemes:

  1. It is a legal requirement to meter individual households in any group housing scheme.
  2. The Water Services Act regulations of 8 June 2001 gave a 2 year period for compliance with these regulations for all units built prior to the act. 
  3. Mr Tsatsire has confirmed that an additional two years from the date of the letter dated 9 February 2018 (appearing on this blog) will be given to ensure compliance. Therefore, individual meters must be installed by no later than 9 February 2020.
  4. The relevant by-law, being section 31(4)(a) can be viewed on the NMBM website or please contact us to provide you with a copy.
  5. Mr Tsatsire has confirmed that it is a criminal offence to not comply with the by-law.
  6. Mr Tsatsire has confirmed that no exemptions or rebates will be considered.
  7. Mr Tsatsire has confirmed that all new developments must have individual water meters installed and that the municipality has developed internal mechanisms now to ensure this is done. 

Please remember that a class C meter must be installed. Schemes without individual water meters installed will need to begin to make provision for this municipal requirement by: 

  • placing the matter on your upcoming general meeting agendas in order to pass the necessary ordinary resolution in general meeting;
  • obtaining the necessary quotes in order to approve the costings; and
  • discussing how the implementation of this improvement will occur.

It must be emphasized that for fair allocations and apportionment  of water to individuals it is in the interest of Community Schemes to make sure that consumers are individually metered.


We will update you on any additional information we may recieve in this regard.


 February 28, 2018
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Shannon Moore-Barnes

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