Strategies to make your property more appealing to prospective purchasers or tenants - June 2015

BY Bellbuoy

Here are some ways in which to make your property appealing to tenants and buyers alike:

1.Street or curb appeal – make the best of the outside aesthetics by tidying the garden (planting can improve the appeal tremendously), cleaning the gutters, high pressure washing walls / roofs and applying a coat of paint. This can have a dramatic increase in the appeal of your property and will encourage interest.
2.Window dressing – a house with good window dressings, such as a good quality set of blinds, is a big plus as the tenant / purchaser does not have to arrange coverings and your walls are protected from drilling.
3.Cleaning – a clean house is important. Clean behind fridges, on top of cupboards and all those hard to reach places. Always get your carpets professionally cleaned. When on show ensure the house is uncluttered making it easy for prospective tenants / purchasers to see themselves living there.
4.Interior – a fresh coat of paint inside can make all the difference. Use light or neutral colours and ensure as much natural light as possible when on show; for any darker rooms use good light fittings and lights that brighten the room.
5.Storage – this is always needed and if your property does not have any create some through installing a storage shed / cupboard.
6.Laundry – connections for laundry equipment and place to hang laundry is important. Further, a linen cupboard is always a bonus.
7.Parking – off street parking, preferably covered, is another important factor, as not only does it protect your vehicle, but enables secure access to your property.
8.Security – a secure home makes tenants feel more comfortable and encourages the marketability of your property.
9.Maintenance – ensure all those small odd jobs, like cracked tiles or loose gutters have been attended to.

Making your house appealing will cost money, but this will be offset by the increased sale or rental income. Also a property that is cared for will usually encourage others to care for the property and thereby protect the investment. 

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 January 20, 2022
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